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Asset Tracking Made Simple

Accurate  |  Low-Cost  |  Easy Set Up  |  User - friendly

Optimise your asset usage with Pinpointer, experts in real-time Asset Tracking platform. 

Real-time asset tracking enables your organisation to maximize the use of its operating assets and
the efficiency of its staff resources.

Pinpointer employs Spotto's revolutionary, simple, cost-effective SaaS platform to introduce and implement the benefits of real-time asset tracking into any organisation.

If you are serious about significantly increasing your organisation's productivity and reducing costs you cannot afford to ignore the benefits of real-time tracking of equipment and assets. Pinpointer can demonstrate how to improve your business processes ...simply!! 

  • By dramatically reducing the time that staff waste while searching for things, Pinpointer enables considerable improvement in efficiency and service levels. With Pinpointer, you can find the things you need immediately.

  • A Pinpointer Asset Tracking solution diminishes the costs associated with asset duplication and unnecessary equipment rental and purchases brought about from not knowing the location of key critical components. 


Whatever your Asset Tracking challenges, a Pinpointer solution delivers exceptional ROI.

We bring years of expertise in helping organisations from a wide variety of industries achieve major business improvements using tracking technologies. From barcodes through to RFID and beacons, we've experienced it all. As prices plummet, there's an IoT-fueled revolution underway. At Pinpointer we've focused on how to enable organisations to harness this using Spotto's innovative, simple, enterprise-grade, low-cost tracking platform.

Why Pinpointer?

Pinpointer is soley focused on helping you to
maximise your business advantage from your Pinpointer implementation.


Our combined experience of over 30 years in tracking solutions is here to help you to achieve genuine business change, not just installing a product. We provide value and guidance throughout the life of your Pinpointer  solution. 


Using advanced remote monitoring of your installation our Pinpointer team can assist you with ensuring the ongoing health of your system, picking up alerts when batteries run low or if readers become unavailable.


Pinpointer is simple to install and run, but you'll still need to consider how best to achieve your business objectives, what business process you want to improve - and how to ensure your staff understand the benefits.

Long-term Support

We know you want peace of mind, knowing that your solution is fully covered.  Our 3-year operations packages including all hardware, subscriptions, monitoring, battery replacements, support and hardware replacement warranties.   


We help you with deciding what tracking zones you want to create to achieve your objectives, optimum placement, of readers, naming conventions, incremental roll-out and more.


Pinpointer's data, available to any other application through APIs, opens up a vast array of new process improvement opportunities.  We work with you to identify these and with complementary products can show you how these can be achieved.


How Pinpointer's Solution works

It is easy to install and simple to use. 

Access to power and the internet is all it needs!

There is no limit to Pinpointer's scope and scale!


Spotto Reader.jpeg
Spotto Tag.jpeg
Spotto Search.jpeg
Install a reader in each zone you want to monitor.

Bluetooth readers listen for tags around them.  They take about a minute to install and you can move them around to get the zone coverage you want. If you want to have more exact location just add more readers, they'll recalibrate themselves. Indoor, outdoor and 4g versions available.

Download Reader Setup Guide Here >>>>

Tag all the equipment you want to track.

Small Bluetooth equipment tags attach with cable ties or double-sided tape.  You name your asset, register the tag and you're done.  There is no limit to the number of assets you tag. Anyone can do it. Indoor and Rugged versions available. 

Download Tag Setup Guide Here >>>>

Run the Spotto app on any device, anywhere.

There's no limit to users in Pinpointer. Run our "Spotto" app on mobile phones, tablets, desktops or kiosks - it's as simple as a Google search bar and user training takes a couple of minutes. 

Download Asset Naming Guide Here >>>>

What it looks like

What it looks like.

Pinpointer runs in your web browser 24/7 and locates your equipment in seconds!!



Pinpointer provides Asset Tracking Solutions across all Industry Sectors.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet






Seaside Construction


School Days


Laser Cutting





User Stories and Case Studies

Gas Pressure Gauge

Ben, Environmental Services

Ben's team is reponsible for fetching equipment like beds, wheelchairs, bolsters gas regulators and more. After rolling out Spotto in their command centre, search time for assets was reduced to zero.

Mature Female Nurse

Ali, Emergency Nurse

Ali used to spend about 40 minutes trying to find a bariatric hover jack for heavy patients. Patient and staff wellbeing was at serious risk. Now she knows where this specialised equipment is at all times.

Screen Shot 2021-07-09 at 1.27.25 pm.png
Transparent bold.png

About Us

Pinpointer's mission is a simple provide long-term value by helping organisations utilise their assets more efficiently.

 Doing more with what you have, less wasting of valuable time and resources and reducing unnecessary purchases becomes increasingly relevant as organisations look towards more efficient, sustainable business practices.

 Pinpointer, through its bespoke Asset Tracking solutions, is committed to playing its part in assisting its customers achieving this.


"At Pinpointer we know that long-lasting, capable solutions require strong, committed partnerships to make them work. As a Spotto Preferred Partner we work closely with the Spotto team on taking this exciting, approachable solution to customers who want to do more with the resources they have. "


Murray Mussett, Pinpointer Founder & CEO​

"We're delighted the Pinpointer team's long experience with many tracking technologies has led them to Spotto as a solution that enables any organisation to take advantage of the IoT revolution.  Our team is right behind them."

Alan Williams, Spotto CEO​

Please reach out if you'd like any further information about Pinpointer and our Asset Tracking Solutions.
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