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Pinpointer Bluetooth Asset and Inventory Tracking is the most reliable and cost-effective solution for optimising your organisation's assets.
Just tag it and track it!

There are significant inefficiency and costs resulting from poor Asset Tracking in Construction. These largely result from:

  • Production downtime caused by wasting time searching for crucial equipment and inputs that are missing.

  • Production downtime caused by shortage/delay of inventory supplies as a result of inaccurate stock level reports.

  • Costs associated with duplicating "lost assets".

  • Costs associated with over-ordering "lost inventory". 

  • Overspending to replace "lost" or non-performing assets such as missing returnable containers, bins and totes.

  • When applied to a construction environment, a Pinpointer Asset Tracking Solution will enable improved management of inventory, tools and equipment resulting in improved productivity, reduced downtime, bottom line savings, increased customer satisfaction

  • Pinpointer allows you to maintain up to the minute inventory control of all tagged equipment on your work sites and storage facilities. Simply add the required number of readers (the more readers the better the accuracy) to the environment or leverage your existing employees smart phones, tablets or notebooks with low energy Bluetooth to continuously transmit data from any piece of equipment outfitted with a Pinpointer Tag. No more wasting time looking for 

  • Pinpointer is well suited for the construction environment allowing perpetual, real time asset and inventory location automatically without any physical scanning or intervention. 

  • Pinpointer tracks inventory, equipment and tools the moment they leave the storage facilities, the vehicle that transported the goods, and verifies that it was delivered to the correct site and arrived on time. Site inventory is taken continuously to ensure accurate billing and provides notifications if equipment leaves or enters the site.

If you'd like to learn more about a solution tailored to suit your unique requirements, please be in touch.  

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