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Pinpointer Bluetooth Asset and Inventory Tracking is the most reliable and cost-effective solution for optimising your organisation's assets.
Just tag it and track it!

The significant inefficiency and costs resulting from poor Asset Tracking in Education largely result from:

  • Staff downtime caused by wasting time searching for crucial assets and equipment that are missing or lost.

  • Staff downtime caused by shortage/delay of inventory supplies as a result of inaccurate stock level reports.

  • Costs associated with duplicating "lost assets".

  • Costs associated with over-ordering "lost inventory and consumables". 


Pinpointer's bespoke Real-Time Asset Tracking solution mitigates these inefficiencies, resulting in significant financial and time-resource savings whilst enabling superior customer satisfaction and staff well-being and safety.

  • Keeps track of all of your assets, consumables and inventory in real time. 
    Enabling you to know (not hope!) exactly where the critical components of your business are.

  • Acts as a checkout system for all your loaned equipment. Increases your accountability and efficiency by tracking the assets you loan to students, faculty and across different campuses while preventing thefts and losses.

  • Allows for perpetual stock-take of assets and consumables from your desktop or mobile device. No more time-wasting, inaccurate physical stock-takes. 


Pinpointer can also be employed to:


  • Keep track of school children within the school grounds and also on school transport.

  • Student attendance tracking.

  • Staff and student restricted access monitoring for safety and well being. 

If you'd like to learn more about a solution tailored to suit your unique requirements, please be in touch.

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