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Pinpointer Bluetooth Asset and Inventory Tracking is the most reliable and cost-effective solution for optimising your organisation's assets.
Just tag it and track it!
Road Constuction

The costs and inefficiencies associated with lost, misplaced or stolen assets in government agencies, emergency response organisations and councils are significant. Not knowing where your assets are commonly results in:

  • Staff downtime caused by wasting time searching for crucial assets, equipment and inventory that are missing, lost or stolen.

  • Staff downtime caused by shortage/delay of inventory supplies as a result of inaccurate stock level reports.

  • Costs associated with duplicating "lost assets".

  • Costs associated with over-ordering "lost inventory and consumables". 

  • Costs associated with leasing "under-performing" assets. 


If staff are easily able to identify the location of equipment in real time, they can increase the productive use of equipment, reduce turnaround times, prevent loss and better manage inventory.




Pinpointer can enable you, using Spotto's Real-Time Asset Real-Time Tracking solution, to mitigate inefficiencies, resulting in significant financial and time-resource savings whilst enabling superior customer satisfaction and staff well-being and safety.



  • Keeps track of all of your assets, consumables and inventory in real time across multiple sites and locations, enabling you to know (not hope!) exactly where the critical components of your business are.

  • Acts as a de-facto checkout system for all your loaned equipment, and increases your accountability and efficiency by tracking the assets you loan across different sites while preventing thefts and losses.

  • Provides a real-timel stock-take of assets and consumables accessible on demand from your desktop or mobile device. No more time-wasting, inaccurate physical audits. Avoid Audit Anxiety!

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