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Hospitals & Aged Care

Nurse And Patient
Healthcare Worker with Patient

The costs and inefficiencies associated with lost, misplaced or stolen assets in hospitals and aged care facilities are significant.

  • Staff waste valuable time looking for equipment instead of focusing on important tasks.

  • Facilities overspend on replacing equipment that goes missing or is lost or being hoarded.

  • Patient well-being is compromised when vital equipment is not located in time.

If staff are easily able to identify the location of equipment in real time, they can increase the productive use of equipment, reduce turnaround times, prevent loss and better manage inventory.

In a surgical situation, procedures cannot begin on time if all necessary equipment is not in place.


Similarly, in published studies nurses have reported spending on average half an hour per shift simply looking for the equipment they need to do their jobs.


Some of the most used mobile assets in hospitals are carts, IV pumps and wheelchairs and they are often moved between wards.  If nurses cannot quickly locate these items when they need them, it has a direct impact on patient care and work productivity.


Aside from tracking assets, healthcare institutions can benefit from Pinpointer's capability to enhance patient and staff welfare.

  • Patient and staff well-being is compromised when patients and staff leave their designated "safety zones" or enter restricted areas.

  • Staff spend time searching for "wandering patients".

Using its Real-Time Asset Tracking solution, Pinpointer can enable you to mitigate these inefficiencies, resulting in significant financial and time-resource savings, whilst enabling superior patient and staff well being and safety.

Pinpointer Bluetooth Asset and Inventory Tracking is the most reliable and cost-effective solution for optimising your organisation's assets.
Just tag it and track it!
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