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Pinpointer Bluetooth Asset and Inventory Tracking is the most reliable and cost-effective solution for optimising your organisation's assets.
Just tag it and track it!

Poor Asset Tracking within Manufacturing results in inefficiency, unnecessary costs, compromised worker health and safety and customer dissatisfaction.

Invariably these are related to:

  • Production downtime caused by wasting time searching for crucial components and equipment that are missing.

  • Production downtime caused by shortage/delay of inventory supplies as a result of inaccurate stock level reports.

  • Costs associated with duplicating "lost assets".

  • Costs associated with over-ordering "lost inventory". 

  • Overspending to replace "lost" or non-performing assets.

Pinpointer's Asset and Inventory tracking solution can be used to track every asset required for each phase of production, in real time, from receiving to dispatch and beyond.

Some of the benefits of employing Pinpointer in your facility are:


Creating Smart Plants with No Networking Infrastructure:

  • Creating your own bespoke, flexible, virtual zones with none of the RFID setup cost or disruption.

  • Saving crucial person-hours in searching for critical items.

  • No physical scanning, once again saving person hours. 


Meeting Market Demand While Maintaining Optimal Stock

  • Perpetual, stock takes means accurate, real time visibility of your inputs, assets, inventory and consumables. No more costly, disruptive facility shut downs associated with traditional physical stock takes. Enabling on-time delivery of shipments to customers

Reducing Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) in the Supply Chain

  • Tracking returnable packaging across vendors and customers without fixing any readers at their facilities

Enabling the retrieval of pallets, bins, and totes promptly after shipment delivery

  • Reducing Truck Detention Cost

  • Speeding up load/unload times

  • Increasing the vehicle throughput per facility

If you'd like to learn more about a Pinpointer solution tailored to suit your unique requirements, please be in touch.

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