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Asset search time reduced from 30 minutes to zero at a Central Coast hospital.

How the team at Wyong Hospital self-installed Pinpointer's Spotto SaaS solution over just a few days during the COVID lockdown.

A view of Pinpointer's user-friendly mobile interface and search app.

Not being able to locate critical equipment when it’s needed costs organisations a fortune in wasted time and impeded workflows, resulting in poor patient outcomes and frustrated staff.

At the NSW Central Coast Health District’s Wyong Hospital, the Environmental Services team have shown how a simple asset tracking solution using Pinpointer's Spotto software can make it easier for staff to find equipment like beds, wheelchairs and gas bottle regulators anywhere within the facility. The hospital conducted baseline studies that showed that it could take 30 minutes or more to find and deliver equipment to where it was needed.

With the solution in place, search time was reduced to ZERO. As a result, total task time was immediately reduced by more than 30%. We'll leave you to work it out but the favourable effect on staff morale, patient well being and bottom line are indeed significant!

Bluetooth beacon tags were placed on critical items like gas cylinders.

This innovative, low-cost Bluetooth-based tracking solution was self-installed by the Environmental Services team over just a few days during their COVID lockdown. A quick trial on a single level of the hospital proved that the technology worked for them and also showed how they could simplify their reader placement approach. Because the system is so flexible and requires absolutely no additional infrastructure, the Bluetooth readers didn’t need to be installed in exact positions and the team was able to take advantage of existing power points wherever they were available. This flexibility allowed them to be pragmatic about where to position the readers without having to incur the costs of waiting for new power points to be installed.

Each reader took under a minute to install, with setup being completed by staff with mobile phones. Bluetooth tags were attached to the assets, named and being tracked and paired in seconds mostly using mobile phones, too.

Pinpointer Bluetooth Reader and Bluetooth Tag

Our solution provides the Environmental Services team and a widening group of hospital users with a Search app. They can search for equipment and see what’s currently at a location on any device that is able to run a web browser. No eye-watering infrastructure costs. No expensive consultants or experts needed and no budget-busting hardware costs. The entire solution, including hardware, was a fraction of the cost of other quoted solutions and it's infinitely scalable.

The team continues to fine tune the system to accommodate their ever changing needs. Readers have been added to track new areas and create new zones and more and more assets tagged and tracked. They now have a real time, perpetual register of every tagged asset.

Central Coast LHD has now installed the solution at their other facilities in the area, including Gosford Hospital, where Nursing Admin, Operating Theatres and an increasing number of wards are now able to track their equipment simply and in real time.

The above article is credited to Pinpointer's SaaS partner, Spotto.T

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